What's New in WaveFEA 2018

Due to growing technology in the field of FEA, we have enhanced our WaveFEA product. This document highlights new features and provides information that is useful while using this software.

List of new features added in WaveFEA 2018.2:

  • Advanced Material Exchange: Use WaveFEA to import a structural input file generated by Advanced Material Exchange. After the file is imported, we can solve to simulate the “as-manufactured” model. This workflow allows us to simulate the changing fiber orientation distribution and the nonlinear material response in order to predict rupture in the fiber-reinforced material.

  • Help documentation is now available in French.
  • The sections that are localized are listed below.
    • User’s Manual
    • Tutorials


List of new features added in WaveFEA 2018.1:

  • Mesh improvement by reducing the default mesh size and enabling the slider bar. The default Element size can be by entering the numeric value or by moving the slider bar in order to have coarser to finer mesh.


  • Included Connector within command manager.


  • Added Grounded spring in Connector


  • Enhanced spring connector by having Advanced option for Grounded spring to display/hide the Stress/Strain recovery coefficient options.

  • Results improvement:
    • Fatigue life calculation for shell elements, when corner results are requested.
    • Bearing load formulation improved in order to get accurate results.