WaveFEA - Capabilities


  • Global and local controls for part geometry with default sizing.
  • Mesh control on arbitrary user defined regions.
  • Combined shell and beam/bar meshing.
  • Sketch line or curve meshing
  • Free surface meshing: quads or triangles
  • Auto mesh, loads and constraints update with geometry changes
  • Display/hide 1D/2D cross-section

Element Library

  • 2D linear and parabolic shell (CQUAD4, CTRIA3, (CQUAD8 and CTRIA6)
  • 3D linear and parabolic tetrahedron (CTETRA)
  • Composites with plates and shells
  • Surface-to-surface contact with manual or automatic recognition of surfaces
  • Rigid elements
  • Concentrated mass element
  • Spring Element: transmits tension, compression also allows damping (CBUSH)
  • Rod Element: transmits tension, compression and torsion
  • Cable Element: transmits tension with optional bending stiffness

Loads and Boundary Conditions

  • Uniform pressure and force on faces, edges and vertices
  • Directional pressure and force
  • Acceleration loads (gravity)
  • Enforced motions: acceleration velocity displacement (rotational and translational)
  • Custom colors and sizes for loads and constraints
  • Load defined using edge
  • Load variation using arbitrary 3D scale factors
  • Conduction and Convection
  • Heat Generation, Heat Flux
  • Rotational Velocity/Acceleration
  • Radiation
  • From output (thermal, CFD)
  • Temperature
  • Symmetric, antisymmetric, axisymmetric boundary conditions
  • Fixed constraints on faces, edges and vertices
  • Directional and prescribed constraints
  • Thermal constraints
  • Thermal body loads
  • Initial temperature conditions

Material Properties

  • Isotropic
  • Orthotropic 2D and 3D
  • Solid anisotropic materials (MAT9)
  • Hyperelastic materials: Neo-Hookean, Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, Yeoh, Generalized Polynomial (nonlinear)
  • Temperature-dependent property support

Surface Contact

  • Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG™)
  • Automated Edge Contact Generation (AECG™)
  • Disable, General, welded, slide, rough, offset weld and RBE3 element contact types
  • Static friction

Coordinate Systems

  • Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems
  • Referencing global assembly, part or custom coordinate systems


  • Stress, deformation plots
  • Principal and directional stress plot
  • Strain plot
  • Resonant frequencies, mode shape plots
  • Temperature, heat flux plots
  • Iso-surfaces
  • Results across composite laminates
  • Export Nastran input deck to other FEA systems
  • Customizable material library
  • Single and multi-set animations
  • Slice view provides section views of contour plot
  • Post-process selected parts in an assembly
  • XY plots can be viewed from tabular data
  • Partial results generation for modal and transient analysis types
  • Loads and constraints shown on de-formed plots
  • Max/min labels